What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God.

We believe that all people by nature are sinful.  This means that all people by nature are under God's wrath for disobedience and subject to hell.  Yet the Bible reveals to us the unfathomable love of God who to save the world, sent his only Son to become man in order to do for us what we failed to do and to die for us the death for sin we deserve.  Jesus Christ paid for the sins of the whole world.  So God's Word tells us that whoever believes this good news will not perish in hell for eternity, but have life with God for eternity.  

We also believe that Jesus rose from the dead after three days in the tomb.  We believe that he will return on the last day to judge all people-living or dead. All people will rise bodily.  Those who believe in Jesus as their Savior will rise to live forever in heaven.  Those who reject Jesus as their Savior will rise to spend eternity in hell.  We believe that Jesus wants us to share the good news about his salvation so that all people who believe are saved.


Creeds are statements of faith that the church has developed over the years to succinctly express the truths of God's Word.  We confess and believe the following Creeds.

The Apostles' Creed

The Nicene Creed

The Athanasian Creed



This We Believe is a small document which was produced by the WELS (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod).  Zion is a member congregation of the WELS and we agree with and confess the teachings that are in this pamphlet.

This We Believe